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Agri-environment: Campaign for the Farmed Environment case studies

Campaign for the Farmed Environment (CFE) agri-environment case studies. CFE is a voluntary initiative consisting of 11 key partners.

Agri-environment: Natural England case study

Agri-environment case studies: Natural England

Agri-environment: Natural England press release

Press releases related to agri-environment case studies.

Agri-environment: key statistics

Key statistics for agri-environment case studies

Records for this category

Title Code Published
CLA Case Study: Greystone Farm AE099 2013/07/18
ES Case Study: Biscathorpe House Farm - Best Practise Visit AE097 2013/05/31
ES Case Study: Farrows Farm Best Practise Event AE0094 2013/05/13
ES Case Study: Lower Cowley Farm - Best Practise Visit AE098 2013/05/31
ES Case Study: Making Life Easy Best Practise Event AE093 2013/05/13
ES Case Study: Row Farm - Best Practise Visit AE096 2013/05/31
ES Case Study: Thee Beeches - Best Practise Visit AE095 2013/05/31
ES Case Stydy: Cinderberrow Farm Best Practise Event AE092 2013/05/13