Long Term Monitoring Network upland sites

There are 37 core LTMN sites and these are the sites that include upland habitats. Some of the records within this category can be viewed by their location.

Records for this category

Title Code Published
LTMN Cross Fell - target habitat montane LTMNB50 2016/04/25
LTMN Dark Peak - target habitat upland blanket bog LTMNB41 2016/04/25
LTMN East Dartmoor Woods & Heaths NNR - target habitat heathland LTMNB29 2016/04/25
LTMN Ennerdale & Scoat Fell - target habitat montane LTMNB47 2016/04/25
LTMN Ingleborough NNR - target habitat calcareous grassland LTMNB12 2016/04/25
LTMN Kielderhead NNR - target habitat blanket bog LTMNB35 2016/04/25
LTMN Malham Tarn NNR - target habitat upland blanket bog LTMNB38 2016/04/25
LTMN May Moss - target habitat upland blanket bog LTMNB48 2016/04/25
LTMN Stiperstones NNR - target habitat heathland LTMNB25 2016/04/25