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Customer based categorisation for records.



Publications for non agricultural businesses including developers.

Conservation site managers

Publications for managers of conservation sites.

Countryside visitors

Publications and information for people visiting the countryside.

Farmers and land managers

Publications and products for farmers and landowners.

Fishermen and marine stakeholders

Publications relevant to fishermen and marine stakeholders.

Local authorities and planners

Authorities and statutory bodies.

SSSI owners and occupiers

Publications for SSSI owners and occupiers.

Specialist consultants

Ecological and other advisers and consultants, including those assessing impact and mitigation proposals.

Teachers and students

Resources and publications for teachers and school children.

Urban land managers, householders, builders

Publications related to buildings, urban areas and individual properties.

Voluntary Bat Roost Visitors

Information and guidance for Natural England Voluntary Bat Roost Visitors (VBRV)