LTMN Cross Fell - target habitat montane (LTMNB50)

The target habitat for this site is montane.
This site is part of the Moor house and Upper Teesdale NNR which is one of the sites of the Environmental Change Network.

Data collected:

Weather Air Quality Vegetation Soil Birds Butterflies
R= Representative data

Representative data will be used from a weather station from Met Office weather station at Great Dunn Fell as Cross Fell is within the climate envelope of this weather station.

Data available to download:

• The vegetation data goes through a full QA process and is available to download below.

• Soil data for this site can be found on our LTMN Soils protocol page.

We are preparing the bird, butterfly and land management data and will be publishing it in due course. Any specific queries about our data please get in touch with the LTMN mailbox:

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Downloads available for this record

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Long-term monitoring network vegetation survey Cross Fell 2015, XLSX, 15.4 MB 2016/04/25


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