Economic, biodiversity, resource protection and social values of orchards: A study of six orchards by the Herefordshire Orchards Community Evaluation Project (NECR090)

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This report describes the results of a partnership project, which ran from 2006-2010, to investigate the values of orchards beyond value generated by the economic enterprise of orchard management. Uncertainty in markets for orchard produce, development pressure, neglect and land use change all pose threats to the continued existence of orchards, making a full understanding of the values of orchards an urgent need.

The project was set up by the Herefordshire Orchard Topic Group, an independent association of individuals and organizations working to support all aspects of orchards and orcharding in Herefordshire. Herefordshire is one of Englands major orchard counties. The Topic Group comprises a wide range of stakeholders, including fruit producers, the cider industry, conservation organisations and Herefordshire Council. Natural England is a member of the Group.

This record was published on 04 May 2012.