The Small Sites Metric (JP040)

The Small Sites Metric is a simplified version of the Biodiversity Metric 3.0. It has been specifically been designed for use on small development sites where the project chooses to do so. Such sites are defined (for the purposes of this Small Sites Metric) as small sites where BOTH of the following criteria are met:

1) Development sites where;

- For residential developments the number of dwellings to be provided is between one and nine inclusive on a site having an area of less than one hectare

- Where the number of dwellings to be provided is not known the site area is less than 0.5 hectares

- For all other development types where the site area is less than 0.5hectares or less than 5,000sqm

2) Where there is no priority habitat present within the development area (excluding hedgerows and arable margins)

It is not appropriate to use the Small Sites Metric to calculate offsite losses and gains
The Small Sites Metric is being published with user guidance and an accompanying calculation tool

The Small Sites Metric is being released as a beta test version and we would welcome your views on it.

Click here to provide feedback on the Small Sites Metric. We will update and re-issue the Small Sites Metric in 2022 in the light of feedback received.
This is a simplified version of the Biodiversity Metric 3.0. It is being published in beta test format to seek feedback prior to a further update. The Small Sites Metric can be used now but users should be aware of its beta test status.

  • Small Sites Metric update (13/08/21) – We have identified a labelling error for intensive and extensive green roofs. We will correct the error in a subsequent update. In the mean time please use the ‘Intensive green roof’ category for projects looking to create ‘biodiverse green roofs’ i.e. those with a varied topography of between 80 and 150mm and planted and seeded with a wide range of wildflowers and sedums. For other projects seeking to create less biodiverse green roofs that do not have these attributes, please use the Low distinctiveness extensive green roof type

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