MENE: Nature Connection Index Core & Boost Data (DATA008)

The Nature Connection Index (NCI) data is collected via the MENE survey and gathers evidence on the relative importance of contact with nature and nature connection, the characteristics of experiences in natural environments that are most likely to support nature connection and delivery of outcomes, and the role of childhood experiences in developing nature connection into adulthood.

Further detailed information can be found in the NCI publication.

Downloads available for this record

File Uploaded
MENE Year 7 Pilot - Children NCI, SAV, 6.2 KB 2019/08/30
MENE Year 7 Pilot - Adult NCI, SAV, 44.7 KB 2019/08/30
MENE Year 9 - Children NCI, SAV, 17.5 KB 2019/08/30
MENE Year 9 - Adult NCI, SAV, 123.6 KB 2019/08/30
MENE Adult and Child NCI, XLSX, 394.0 KB 2019/08/30

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