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Publications related to coastal land use.

Records for this category

Title Code Published
An approach to Seascape Character Assessment NECR105 2012/10/11
Assessment of displacement impacts of offshore windfarms and other human activities on red-throated divers and alcids NECR227 2016/12/12
  Designing coastlines fit for the future ENRR702 2006/01/01
NECR468 Edition 1 Bayesian occupancy models for populations of crawfish Palinus elephas NECR468 2023/11/24
Recreational activity and interactions with birds within SSSIs on the North-West coast of England RP03020 2020/08/26
Seascape Characterisation around the English Coast (Marine Plan Areas 3 and 4 and Part of Area 6 Pilot Study) NECR106 2012/10/11