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Access to Evidence

This catalogue provides access to evidence used by Natural England. It shows how we work and the information we use to reach the decisions we make and inform the advice we give. This includes details about the studies we, and our founding organisations commissioned, as well as site-specific information, for example National Nature Reserve visitor leaflets.

Other Natural England publications, such as guidance, consultations, forms, and corporate reports, as well as maps and geographic data, are available from GOV.UK.

Accessibility Statement

We want as many people as possible to be able to use this website and we are looking into how we can make it more accessible. For me information, please refer to our Accessibility statement for the Natural England Access to Evidence Catalogue website.

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Recently published records

The following records were recently published by Natural England: Subscribe to our RSS feed

Title Code Published
CSF195 Agro-forestry: a wood-pasture’s role in resource protection CSF195 2023/11/29
  Habitat Management and Monitoring Plan Template JP055 2023/11/29
NECR506 Edition 1 Passive eDNA capture by SCUBA divers and snorkellers for monitoring inshore fish biodiversity NECR506 2023/11/29
NECR468 Edition 1 Bayesian occupancy models for populations of crawfish Palinus elephas NECR468 2023/11/24
NNR494 Whixall Boglife NNR book NNR494 2023/11/23
NECR496 Assessing metabarcoding methods for re-analysis of pond DNA samples NECR496 2023/11/23
Defining Oyster Beds in the Blackwater Estuary NECR411 2023/11/20
  Biodiversity Net Gain – land management lessons from our pilots BNG1123 2023/11/20
NECR483 Edition 1 Identification of Functionally Linked Land in the North West of England – Phase 2 NECR483 2023/11/17
NEER028 Edition 1 The Impacts of Vegetation Cutting on Peatlands and Heathlands NEER028 2023/11/16
  Bernwood 2023/11/15
NECR484 Edition 1 Three Wildfires in England NECR484 2023/11/14
NECR460 Edition 1 Scoping object-based change detection for Living England NECR460 2023/11/13
NECR465 Edition 1 Assemblage composition in key habitats of Marine Protected Areas NECR465 2023/11/13
Measuring Pro-environmental Behaviour and its Determinants: A quick scoping review of existing closed answer measures and design considerations to inform survey design NECR507 2023/10/25
NECR494 North Thames Estuary and Marshes Vascular Plant and Charophyte Survey 2022 NECR494 2023/10/23
JP050 Creating More Accessible Green & Blue Spaces: Understanding the experiences of people with visual impairments that visit green and blue spaces JP050 2023/10/23
A categorisation system for maerl bed habitats in England NERR123 2023/10/18
Amberley Wild Brooks SSSI climate change vulnerability assessment and adaptation planning report NECR504 2023/10/12
NEER029 Fisheries Impacts Evidence Database Project Methodology Report NEER029 2023/10/12