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Access to Evidence

This catalogue provides access to evidence used by Natural England. It shows how we work and the information we use to reach the decisions we make and inform the advice we give. This includes details about the studies we, and our founding organisations commissioned, as well as site-specific information, for example National Nature Reserve visitor leaflets.

Other Natural England publications, such as guidance, consultations, forms, and corporate reports, as well as maps and geographic data, are available from GOV.UK.

Accessibility Statement

We want as many people as possible to be able to use this website and we are looking into how we can make it more accessible. For more information, please refer to our Accessibility statement for the Natural England Access to Evidence Catalogue website.

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Recently published records

The following records were recently published by Natural England: Subscribe to our RSS feed

Title Code Published
Yarmouth to Cowes MCZ intertidal baseline survey NECR553 2024/05/22
Eurasian beaver disease risk management and post-release health surveillance protocol JP055 2024/05/21
NECR559 Edition 1 Survey of wild living beaver populations in East Kent NECR559 2024/05/21
NECR548 Edition 1 Assessment of wild living beaver populations on the River Exe and River Taw NECR548 2024/05/16
  Nature for Climate Peatland Grant Scheme Process Evaluation NECR546 2024/05/09
NECR498 Edition 1 Peak District National Park Wildfire Risk Assessment Review NECR498 2024/05/07
NECR499 Edition 1 Informing nature recovery in England by analysing “bottlenecks” in broad habitats NECR499 2024/04/26
NECR518 Edition 1 Isles of Scilly Eelgrass Bed Voluntary Monitoring Programme 2021 Annual Survey NECR518 2024/04/17
NECR529 National Vegetation Survey of Quarry Hangers SSSI and Quarry Dean Meadows NECR529 2024/04/15
NECR482 edition 1 Lundy Special Area of Conservation (SAC) Monitoring Report 2017 NECR482 2024/04/10
NECR481 Edition 1 Seagrass in the Stour Orwell and Blackwater 2020-21 NECR481 2024/04/10
  Flamborough and Filey Coast FLAM 2024/04/05
GCN sample analysis via single species assay and metabarcoding NECR534 2024/04/05
NECR530 Edition 1 North Thames Estuary & Marshes Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Survey Report 2022 NECR530 2024/04/05
eDNA detection of alpine newts (Ichthyosaura alpestris): Assay design and preliminary testing NECR535 2024/04/05
Environment Act Habitat Target – Definitions and Descriptions TIN219 2024/04/05
NECR521 Edition 1 Genetic analysis of Zostera sp. samples from the East of England. A regional case-study of the genetic diversity of Zostera sp. across the UK NECR521 2024/04/04
Definition of Favourable Conservation Status for upland mixed ashwoods RP2978 2024/04/04
  Habitat Management and Monitoring Plan Template JP058 2024/03/26
Edition 1 DNA metabarcoding of faecal samples for assessment of invertebrate communities in pasture land NECR452 2024/03/19