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Records for this category

Title Code Published
Edition 1 Definition of favourable conservation status for barbastelle bat RP2974 2024/03/08
NECR540 Revised DRA for the Conservation Translocation of the Eurasian Beaver (Castor fiber) to England NECR540 2024/01/16
NECR548 Edition 1 Assessment of wild living populations on the River Exe and River Taw NECR548 2024/05/16
  Priority Natural Areas for mammals, reptiles and amphibians ENRR242 1997/05/01
RP04729 Beavers in licensed enclosures - licensees objectives opinions experiences RP04729 2023/07/28
Temporal and spatial analysis of Marinelife and Orca white-beaked dolphin data from Northumberland and adjacent sea areas NECR289 2020/04/27