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Soils and soil protection

Records for this category

Title Code Published
Agricultural Land Classification Map East Midlands Region ALC005 2010/08/24
Agricultural Land Classification Map South West Region ALC006 2010/08/24
Agricultural Land Classification Yorkshire and The Humber ALC003 2010/08/24
Agricultural Land Classification map Eastern Region ALC008 2010/08/24
Agricultural Land Classification map London and the South East ALC007 2010/08/24
Agricultural Land Classification map North East Region ALC001 2010/08/08
Agricultural Land Classification map North West Region ALC002 2010/08/24
Agricultural Land Classification map West Midlands Region ALC004 2010/08/24
Agricultural Land Classification of England and Wales 1985 ALC009 1985/10/01
  Agricultural Land Classification of England and Wales: Revised criteria for grading the quality of agricultural land ALC011 1988/10/28
Agricultural Land Classification: protecting the best and most versatile agricultural land TIN049 2009/01/13
An assessment of the fungal conservation value of Hardcastle Crags using NextGen DNA sequencing NECR258 2019/03/04
  BD1451: Diversification of grassland through the manipulation of plant-soil interactions and the identification of indicators of restorability RP00194 2016/01/14
  BD5001: Characterisation of soil structural degradation under grassland and development of measures to ameliorate its impact on biodiversity and other soil functions RP00359 2016/01/14
England's peatlands: carbon storage and greenhouse gases NE257 2010/03/17
  Guidance on understanding and managing soils for habitat restoration projects ENRR712 2006/01/02
Impact of heathland restoration and re-creation techniques on soil characteristics and the historical environment NERR010 2008/03/28
  Long Term Monitoring Network Soils Protocol LTMN002 2016/05/25
Long Term Monitoring Network: monitoring soils 2011 to 2016 EIN024 2017/11/28
Managing soil biota to deliver ecosystem services NECR100 2012/10/04
Mapping the status of upland peat using aerial photographs NECR089 2012/02/21
  Review of the impacts of heather and grassland burning in the uplands on soils, hydrology and biodiversity ENRR550 2003/11/21
Soil sampling for habitat recreation and restoration TIN035 2008/02/21
Soil texture TIN037 2008/02/21
Summary of evidence: Soils EIN012 2015/05/19
The historic peat record: Implications for the restoration of blanket bog NEER011 2016/03/18