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Title Code Published
  A population viability analysis for the reintroduction of the pool frog (Rana lessonae) in Britain ENRR585 2004/04/05
  An assessment of the efficiency of capture techniques and the value of different habitats for the great crested newt ENRR576 2004/03/19
  An evaluation of the effectiveness of great crested newt mitigation projects in England, 1990 – 2001 ENRR575 2004/04/05
An evidence review for great crested newt eDNA monitoring protocols NECR476 2023/05/18
  An investigation of recent declines in the common toad ENRR584 2004/10/28
Assessing population status of the great crested newt in Great Britain NECR080 2011/07/26
  Conservation and management of great crested newts: Proceedings of a symposium held on 11 January 1994 at Kew Gardens, Richmond, Surrey ENS20 1994/01/01
  Costed plans and options for herpetofauna surveillance and monitoring ENRR663 2006/02/15
Field assessment of great crested newt Triturus critatus mitigation projects in England NERR001 2007/07/03
GCN District Level Licensing Framework TIN176 2019/07/17
GCN sample analysis via single species assay and metabarcoding NECR534 2024/04/05
  Herptile sites Volume 1: National Amphibian Survey - Final Report ENRR038 1993/01/01
  Literature/archive search for information relating to pool frogs Rana lessonae in East Anglia ENRR480 2004/12/03
NECR496 Assessing metabarcoding methods for re-analysis of pond DNA samples NECR496 2023/11/23
  Opportunities for amphibians and reptiles in the designed landscape ENS30 1997/01/01
  Priority Natural Areas for mammals, reptiles and amphibians ENRR242 1997/05/01
  Reintroduction strategy for the pool frog in England ENRR642 2005/08/16
eDNA detection of alpine newts (Ichthyosaura alpestris): Assay design and preliminary testing NECR535 2024/04/05