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Geology and geodiversity

Publications related to geology and geodiversity Some of the records within this category can be viewed by their location.


Records for this category

Title Code Published
  Developing guidelines for identifying Biodiversity Action Plan habitats in quarries: a feasibility study ENRR504 2003/07/01
  Earth Heritage Site Interpretation in England: a review of principle techniques with case studies ENRR176 1996/01/05
  Earth heritage conservation in England: a Natural Areas perspective ENRR158 1996/01/03
England’s best wildlife and geological sites - the condition of Sites of Special Scientific Interest ST104 2003/01/01
  Evaluation of Development plans to assess biological and geological policy issues ENRR484 2003/02/03
Geodiversity Action Plans: The use of indicators in progress reporting NECR051 2010/09/24
  Geological conservation benefits for biodiversity ENRR561 2004/09/30
Geological conservation: a guide to good practice ST118 2006/10/24
Geology and biodiversity - making the links IN146 2006/10/24
  Linking Geology and Biodiversity ENRR562 2004/10/16
Local Geodiversity Action Plans: a review of progress NERR027 2008/12/19
  Local Geodiversity Action Plans: setting the context for geological conservation ENRR560 2006/09/15
  Local Geodiversity Action Plans: sharing good practice workshop Peterborough, 3 December 2003 ENRR601 2004/12/08
London’s Natural Signatures 2011/01/31
  Management plan for the caves of Lathkill Dale-Monyash, Derbyshire ENRR223 1996/10/01
Managing geological specimen collecting: Charmouth case study TIN114 2012/07/04
Managing geological specimen collecting: Wren’s Nest case study TIN118 2012/07/04
  Mineral collecting and conservation – hammering out a future? Proceedings of a one-day conference in Salford, 16 April 2003 ENRR505 2003/08/01
Natural foundations: geodiversity for people, places and nature CORP21 2006/10/24
  Rail construction and operational effects on biodiversity and geological interests ENRR473B 2002/07/01
  Site information boards for geological and geomorphological SSSIs ENRR026 1992/01/01
Spurn Geomorphological Assessment NECR255 2018/10/04
Summary of evidence: Geodiversity EIN007 2015/03/10
  Survey of chalk cave, cliff, intertidal and subtidal reef biotopes in the Thanet Coast cSAC ENRR325 1998/10/01
  The conservation and management of unconsolidated geological sections ENRR563 2004/09/03
  The impact of ‘rock-fall’ mesh / netting on scientifically and educationally important geological exposures: a case study ENRR679 2006/06/29
  The potential contribution of the mineral extraction industries to the UK Biodiversity Action Plan ENRR279 1998/09/28
  The social and economic value of the UK's geodiversity ENRR709 2006/09/01
  The use of geological sites by schools ENRR523 2004/06/01
Westward Ho!: Geomorphological Specialist Assessment NECR317 2020/07/08