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Historic environment

Historic environment and protection of environmental features. Some of the records within this category can be viewed by their location.

Records for this category

Title Code Published
Bracken management: ecological, archaeological and landscape issues and priorities TIN047 2008/10/16
  ES Case Study: Hampstead Park, Berkshire AE017 2012/12/19
Flag Fen: a natural history IN165 2006/10/24
Illustrated guide to managing historic environment features TIN086 2010/11/12
Impact of heathland restoration and re-creation techniques on soil characteristics and the historical environment NERR010 2008/03/28
  Knepp Castle Estate baseline ecological survey ENRR693 2006/08/31
  LM0435: Evaluating the effectiveness of Environmental Stewardship for the conservation of historic buildings RP01549 2016/01/14
  Monitoring raised bogs: workshop report ENRR189 1996/03/01
NECR520 Art in Support of Changing Coastal Environment NECR520 2023/12/19
  Saproxylic invertebrate survey, assessment and management recommendations of Calke Park, Derbyshire ENRR691 2006/09/01
  The Parkland Inventory Project: A pilot study for an inventory of parklands ENRR147 1995/01/01
The historic environment and woodland management TIN001 2009/03/11