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Freshwater fish

Publications with references to freshwater fish. Some of the records within this category can be viewed by their location.


Records for this category

Title Code Published
  A habitat survey for spawning ground and nursery areas for Annex II fish species within the Severn Estuary river catchment 2015 RP02496 2016/07/26
Allis Shad Fish Passage Options Appraisal – Gunnislake Weir IPENS054 2015/05/21
Designing a methodology for surveying fish populations in freshwater lakes NECR230 2017/03/23
Ecology of the Allis and Twaite Shad IN107 2003/01/01
Ecology of the Atlantic Salmon IN106 2003/01/01
Ecology of the Bullhead IN103 2003/01/01
Ecology of the River Brook and Sea Lamprey IN104 2003/01/01
Identifying Lamprey: A Field Key for Sea, River and Brook Lamprey IN108 2003/01/01
  Impact of fish and fishing management on the conservation of the West Midland meres ENRR137 1994/10/03
Method for prioritising fisheries in floodplain restoration STREAM05 2007/10/01
Monitoring the Allis and Thwaite Shad IN123 2007/06/12
Monitoring the Atlantic Salmon IN122 2003/01/01
Monitoring the Bullhead IN115 2007/06/12
Monitoring the River, Brook and Sea Lamprey IN119 2003/01/01
NECR503 eDNA monitoring of restoration effects on the River Severn (Phase II) Unlocking the Severn LIFE project NECR503 2024/03/05
  Spawning success and population structure of Shad (Alosa spp) in the River Teme 2015, with supplementary notes on Sea Lamprey spawning RP02200 2016/07/26
  Survey of vendace in Daer Reservoir and Loch Skene ENRR554 2003/12/01
  The habitat and management requirements of Spined loach (Cobitis taenia) ENRR244 1998/09/01
  The role of fish in the management of freshwater Sites of Special Scientific Interest ENRR111 1994/04/01
  The status of smelt Osmerus eperlanus in England ENRR516 2003/05/09
  Translocation of vendace from Derwentwater to safe refuge locations ENRR635 2005/04/12
eDNA monitoring for migratory fish assemblages NCR290 2020/05/21