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Fishermen and marine stakeholders

Publications relevant to fishermen and marine stakeholders. Some of the records within this category can be viewed by their location.


Records for this category

Title Code Published
A guide to assessing and managing anthropogenic impact on marine angiosperm habitat NECR111 2013/04/16
A recovery/conservation programme for marine species of conservation importance NECR065 2011/12/20
Adopting effective stakeholder engagement processes to deliver regional Marine Protected Area (MPA) network NECR008 2009/12/01
Benthic survey of reefs East of The Napoli 2007/12/03
Black-legged kittiwake: species information for marine Special Protection Area consultations TIN128 2012/10/10
Carbon Management by Land and Marine Managers NERR026 2008/11/27
Current Marine and Coastal Issues for North East Kent: Proceedings of the third North East Kent Coastal Conference 9 November 2006 NERR029 2008/12/19
England’s European marine sites CORP28 2006/01/01
European Marine Site Risk Review NERR038 2010/11/22
Guidance on the size and spacing of Marine Protected Areas in England NECR037 2010/05/17
Identifying best practice in management of activities on Marine Protected Areas NECR108 2012/12/05
Investigating effects of shipping on common scoter and red-throated diver distributions in Liverpool Bay Special Protection Area (SPA) NECR425 2022/10/11
Marine Conservation Zone Project - Features catalogue NE287 2010/01/01
Marine ecosystem services NECR088 2012/02/08
Meeting the MPA Network Principle of Viability: Feature specific recommendations for species and habitats of conservation importance NECR043 2010/06/11
NECR501 Edition 1 Assessment of environmental impacts of proposed floating offshore wind design envelope NECR501 2024/06/03
Our coasts and seas - A 21st century agenda for their recovery CORP163 2004/01/01
PISCO-The Science of Marine Reserves PISCO 2011/01/01
Post-mortem analysis of bird corpses from the grounding of the MSC Napoli 2007/03/30
Qualitative and quantitative research into public engagement with the undersea landscape in England NERR019 2008/09/02
Representativity and replication for a coherent network of Marine Protected Areas in England’s territorial waters NECR018 2009/08/03
Sea fisheries: steps to sustainability NE193 2009/01/01
Seasearch surveys in Lyme Bay 2007/08/16
The Basking Shark (Cetorhinus maximus) in West Cornwall: Key sites, anthropogenic threats and their implications for conservation of the species NERR018 2008/07/31
The Ecosystem Approach - Coherent actions for marine and coastal environments CORP168 2004/01/01
The Irish Sea Marine Natural Area CORP150 2004/01/01
The application of biological-effects tools to inform the condition of European Marine Sites NERR009 2008/07/03
The call of the sea: safeguarding the future of the marine environment NE128 2008/01/01
The sustainability of shellfish harvesting and its effects on the reef habitats within the north east Kent European marine sites (inter-tidal) NECR044 2010/06/29
Towards a coherent network of Marine Protected Areas. Report of a conference held on the 2-4th October, 2007, Scarborough, UK NERR006 2008/02/15