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Marine fish and sharks

Publications about marine fish and sharks

Records for this category

Title Code Published
  A habitat survey for spawning ground and nursery areas for Annex II fish species within the Severn Estuary river catchment 2015 RP02496 2016/07/26
A recovery/conservation programme for marine species of conservation importance NECR065 2011/12/20
Designing and applying a method to assess the sensitivities of highly mobile marine species to anthropogenic pressures NECR213 2016/05/25
Ecology of the Atlantic Salmon IN106 2003/01/01
Ecology of the River Brook and Sea Lamprey IN104 2003/01/01
Identifying Lamprey: A Field Key for Sea, River and Brook Lamprey IN108 2003/01/01
Monitoring the Atlantic Salmon IN122 2003/01/01
Monitoring the River, Brook and Sea Lamprey IN119 2003/01/01
NECR506 Edition 1 Passive eDNA capture by SCUBA divers and snorkellers for monitoring inshore fish biodiversity NECR506 2023/11/29
Pilot study to validate an environmental DNA sampler for monitoring inshore fish communities NECR287 2020/05/21
  Spawning success and population structure of Shad (Alosa spp) in the River Teme 2015, with supplementary notes on Sea Lamprey spawning RP02200 2016/07/26
The Basking Shark (Cetorhinus maximus) in West Cornwall: Key sites, anthropogenic threats and their implications for conservation of the species NERR018 2008/07/31
  The status of smelt Osmerus eperlanus in England ENRR516 2003/05/09