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Renewable energy

Publications related to renewable energy

Records for this category

Title Code Published
Assessment of displacement impacts of offshore windfarms and other human activities on red-throated divers and alcids NECR227 2016/12/12
Bats and onshore wind turbines (Interim guidance) TIN051 2012/02/29
Energy Crops Scheme: Establishment Grants Handbook: 3rd Edition (Version 3.1) – January 2013 NE125 2013/02/01
Evidence review of the impact of solar farms on birds, bats and general ecology 2016 NEER012 2017/03/09
Investigating the impacts of windfarm development on peatlands in England NECR032 2010/01/08
Making space for renewable energy: assessing on-shore wind energy development NE254 2010/01/01
Offshore wind farms and birds: incorporating uncertainty in collision risk models: a test of Masden (2015) NECR237 2017/09/28
Pink-footed goose anthropogenic mortality review: avoidance rate review NECR196 2015/10/06
Pink-footed goose anthropogenic mortality review: collision risk modelling NECR197 2015/10/06
Pink-footed goose anthropogenic mortality review: population model NECR198 2015/10/06
  Solar parks: maximising environmental benefits TIN101 2011/09/09
Using the Interim PCoD framework to assess the potential impacts of offshore wind developments in Eastern English Waters on harbour porpoises in the North Sea JP024 2017/06/12