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Agri-environment case studies: upland beef / sheep

Agri-environment case studies: upland beef / sheep. Some of the records within this category can be viewed by their location.

Records for this category

Title Code Published
  ES Case Study: Higher Pasture Farm, Lancashire AE021 2012/12/19
  ES Case Study: Lyscombe Farm, Dorset AE019 2012/12/13
  ES Case Study: Meads farm, Devon AE015 2012/12/19
  ES Case Study: Midland Gliding Club, Shrewsbury AE016 2012/12/19
  ES Case Study: Row Farm - Best Practise Visit AE096 2013/05/31
  ES Case Study: Strathairlie Farm, Lancashire AE013 2012/12/19
  ES Case Study: Stud Farm, Yorkshire AE018 2012/12/19