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Agriculture and food production

Publications about agriculture and food, including sustainable land management and food production. Some of the records within this category can be viewed by their location.

Records for this category

Title Code Published
  A strategy for sustainable land management in England CA64 2006/10/24
  A study of the economic, environmental and social impacts of a loss of grazing livestock in the East of England 2007/09/03
  An index of food relocalisation in England and Wales CRN84 2004/09/01
  Characterisation of farming in natural areas ENRR205 1997/01/06
Eat the view: Promoting sustainable local products CA112 2002/08/01
Energy Crops Scheme: Establishment Grants Handbook: 3rd Edition (Version 3.1) – January 2013 NE125 2013/02/01
  Gene stacking in herbicide tolerant oilseed rape: lessons from the North American experience ENRR443 2002/01/01
  Identifying and describing farm character and structure in the Natural Areas ENRR206 1996/10/01
  Identifying baseline standards in agriculture ENRR405 1998/10/01
Investigation of the impact of changes in pesticide use on invertebrate populations NECR182 2016/09/16
Sustainable grazing in the English uplands IN150 2006/10/24
  Sustainable grazing practices on the South West moors of England ENRR253 1996/10/01
  The CAP Beef Regime in England and its impact on nature conservation ENRR265 1998/01/05
The nature of food: why good food doesn't have to cost the Earth NE200 2009/01/01
Traditional orchards: planting and establishing fruit trees TIN014 2010/10/19
Trends in Pastoral Commoning NECR001 2009/02/12
Watercress growing and its environmental impacts on chalk rivers in England NECR027 2009/10/13