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Publications related to development and mitigation.

Records for this category

Title Code Published
  A practical toolkit for assessing cumulative effects of spatial plans and development projects on biodiversity in England ENRR673 2006/02/01
Agricultural Land Classification: protecting the best and most versatile agricultural land TIN049 2009/01/13
Bats and onshore wind turbines (Interim guidance) TIN051 2012/02/29
Field assessment of great crested newt Triturus critatus mitigation projects in England NERR001 2007/07/03
  Good nature conservation practice in the minerals industry ENRR160 1996/04/30
  Green Roofs: their existing status and potential for conserving biodiversity in urban areas ENRR498 2003/01/01
  Reptile mitigation guidelines TIN102 2011/09/09
Spatial planning in Natural England NE187 2009/01/01