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Climate change assessment and adaptation

Records for this category

Title Code Published
A national climate change vulnerability assessment TIN095 2011/05/06
Beam Parklands - Green Infrastructure Case Study: Using flood management as a catalyst to create an attractive, biodiverse community asset that reconnects people and nature NE444 2013/06/20
Carbon storage by habitat: Review of the evidence of the impacts of management decisions and condition of carbon stores and sources NERR043 2012/05/29
Climate Change Adaptation Manual - Evidence to support nature conservation in a changing climate NE546 2014/06/03
Climate change refugia for the flora and fauna of England NECR162 2014/11/21
England's peatlands: carbon storage and greenhouse gases NE257 2010/03/17
Greening for Growth in Victoria - Green Infrastructure Case Study: Creating a vibrant and climate-resilient business area in the heart of London NE395 2013/06/19
Increasing landscape connectivity: evaluating the risks that this will encourage invasive non-native species NECR146 2014/05/01
Mayesbrook Park - Green Infrastructure Case Study: Creating the UK’s first climate change park in east London NE394 2013/06/19
Natural England’s climate change risk assessment and adaptation plan (2015) NE612 2015/10/07
Palaeoecological evidence to inform identification of potential climatic change refugia and areas for ecological restoration NECR163 2014/11/21
Working together to make space for nature - Recommendations from a conference on large-scale conservation in England JP011 2015/07/06