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Publications about transport.

Records for this category

Title Code Published
A Review of the Environmental Capital Approach in the New Approach to Transport Appraisal NERR016 2008/11/25
A strategic analysis of the sustainability case for High Speed 2 NECR085 2011/07/19
Including landscape in road design, construction and mitigation CA217 2006/03/01
LTP and ROWIP Integration Good practice note NE325 2009/01/01
Literature review and analysis of the effectiveness of mitigation measures to address environmental impacts of linear transport infrastructure on protected species and habitats NECR132 2013/11/12
Natural England’s approach to advising competent authorities on the assessment of road traffic emissions under the Habitats Regulations NEA001 2018/07/12
Potential risk of impacts of nitrogen oxides from road traffic on designated nature conservation sites NECR200 2016/02/18
  Review of possible future transport policy and structural changes ENRR473 2002/07/01
The Impacts of Leisure Travel NERR014 2008/07/03
The Treatment of Landscape, Biodiversity, Access & Recreation in Sixteen Provisional Local Transport Plans 2005/12/08
The ecological effects of air pollution from road transport: an updated review NECR199 2016/02/18
  The ecological effects of diffuse air pollution from road transport ENRR580 2004/03/26
  The future of transport 2005-2015 ENRR665 2005/12/01
  The significance of secondary - effects from roads and road transport on nature conservation ENRR178 1996/03/01
Visitor travel plans for countryside leisure destinations NERR022 2008/11/27