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Bryophytes and lichens

Records for this category

Title Code Published
  Bryophyte monitoring at Naddle Low Forest, Cumbria ENRR017 1992/10/01
  Conservation status of bryophytes in the Wye Valley 2016 RP04126 2017/04/04
Definition of Favourable Conservation Status for Petalwort RP2931 2020/04/14
  Lichen survey of selected Breckland SSSIs, 2002 ENRR503 2002/10/01
  Lichens in a changing pollution environment ENRR525 2005/03/08
  Rare & Scarce vascular plants and Bryophytes in Natural Areas ENRR267 1998/09/01
  Salisbury Plain Site of Special Scientific Interest Bryophyte Site Dossier For Natural England 2014-15 RP02383 2017/06/23
The New Forest heathland lichen survey 2011 to 2015 JP020 2017/04/13
The regeneration of bryophytes after the burning of dry heath (H12a) and wet heath (M16d) moorland on the North York Moors NECR011 2009/06/22