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Marine invertebrates

Records for this category

Title Code Published
A guide to assessing and managing anthropogenic impact on marine angiosperm habitat NECR111 2013/04/16
A recovery/conservation programme for marine species of conservation importance NECR065 2011/12/20
Benthic survey of reefs East of The Napoli 2007/12/03
Core reef approach to Sabellaria spinulosa reef management in The Wash and North Norfolk Coast SAC and The Wash approaches NERR065 2016/05/16
  Desk study to assess the impact of cockle suction dredging on The Wash and North Norfolk Coast European Marine Site ENRR670 2005/10/03
  Littoral sediments of the Wash and North Norfolk Coast SAC: the 1998 surveys of intertidal sediment and invertebrates ENRR470 2002/01/01
MSFD Sponge and Anthozoan Indicator Trial Lyme Bay 2017 & 2018 NECR296 2020/06/11
Monitoring Intertidal Sandflats of the Isles of Scilly Special Area of Conservation: Survey of the Infaunal Organisms of St. Martin’s Sedimentary Shore, September 2009 NECR042 2010/06/15
NECR468 Edition 1 Bayesian occupancy models for populations of crawfish Palinus elephas NECR468 2023/11/24
Pacific Oyster survey of the North East Kent European marine sites NECR016 2009/07/28
Palinurus elephas (spiny lobster/crawfish/crayfish) in the South-West NECR297 2020/06/11
  Sabellaria spinulosa reef in The Wash and North Norfolk Coast cSAC and its approaches: Part I, mapping techniques and ecological assessment ENRR545 2004/01/01
Seasearch surveys in Lyme Bay 2007/08/16
  Sensitivity and vulnerability to man induced change of selected communities: Intertidal brown algal shrubs Zostera beds and Sabellaria spinulosa reefs ENRR234 1996/10/01
The sustainability of shellfish harvesting and its effects on the reef habitats within the north east Kent European marine sites (inter-tidal) NECR044 2010/06/29