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Species surveys, mitigation and re-introductions

Species surveys, mitigation and re-introductions. Some of the records within this category can be viewed by their location.

Records for this category

Title Code Published
A review of the ornithological interest of SSSIs in England NERR015 2008/07/31
Assessing population status of the great crested newt in Great Britain NECR080 2011/07/26
Bats and onshore wind turbines (Interim guidance) TIN051 2012/02/29
  Birds in England: context and priorities ENRR062 1991/01/01
  European Protected Species: Mitigation Licensing - How to get a licence WML-G12 2007/11/01
  Evaluation of the capacity of pheromones for control of invasive non-native crayfish ENRR578 2004/04/05
Field assessment of great crested newt Triturus critatus mitigation projects in England NERR001 2007/07/03
Freshwater Non-native Species Management Initiatives: Pilot Project NERR023 2008/12/08
Guidance on dealing with the changing distribution of tree species TIN053 2009/03/05
Lost life: England’s lost and threatened species NE233 2010/03/10
Procedural guidelines for studying grey seals in southwest England, 2006 NERR017 2008/09/24
Radio Tracking Study of Greater Horseshoe Bats at Dean Hall, Littledean, Cinderford NERR012 2008/05/30
Radio Tracking Study of Greater Horseshoe Bats at Dean Hall, Littledean, Cinderford (Second phase - linked to NERR012) NECR021 2009/09/17
  Reptile mitigation guidelines TIN102 2011/09/09
Review of local records centres in the UK NERR004 2007/11/15
Surveying terrestrial and freshwater invertebrates for conservation evaluation NERR005 2007/12/11
The Basking Shark (Cetorhinus maximus) in West Cornwall: Key sites, anthropogenic threats and their implications for conservation of the species NERR018 2008/07/31
The feasibility and acceptability of reintroducing the European beaver to England NECR002 2009/03/17