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Habitat assessments and monitoring

Records for this category

Title Code Published
A review of techniques for monitoring the success of peatland restoration NECR086 2011/09/02
An evidence base for setting flow targets to protect river habitat NERR035 2011/01/10
An evidence base for setting nutrient targets to protect river habitat NERR034 2010/11/11
  Assessing whether created or restored grassland is a BAP Priority Habitat TIN110 2012/06/22
Designing a methodology for surveying fish populations in freshwater lakes NECR230 2017/03/23
Development of guideline sediment targets to support management of sediment inputs into aquatic systems NERR008 2008/04/07
Geomorphological assessment of riverine SSSIs for the strategic planning of physical restoration NERR013 2008/07/29
Investigations into the use of critical sediment yields for assessing and managing fine sediment inputs into freshwater ecosystems NERR007 2008/04/07
Maritime Cliff and Slope Inventory: MapInfo table Specification TIN010 2007/10/15
Maritime Cliff and Slope Inventory: digitising guidelines and QA procedures TIN011 2007/10/15
Maritime cliff and slope inventory 2004/2005 NERR003 2007/11/05
NECR558 Edition 1 The Bernwood population of Bechstein's Bats NECR558 2024/05/31
NERR115 Edition 1 A Survey of the Black Hairstreak Butterfly in North Bucks NERR115 2024/05/31
Operational Use of Remote Sensing for Environmental Monitoring JP001 2012/01/06
Plymouth Sound and Estuaries SAC Littoral Habitats Condition Monitoring 2017 ER17-348 2020/04/21
Research to Support the Implementation of the European Landscape Convention in England 2008/03/31
The application of biological-effects tools to inform the condition of European Marine Sites NERR009 2008/07/03
  Validation Network Project Lowland calcareous grasslands: Bromus erectus (CG3) grassland ENRR609 2004/06/01