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English Nature marine reports

Marine research reports published by English Nature. Some of the records within this category can be viewed by their location.

Records for this category

Title Code Published
  A biotope sensitivity database to underpin delivery of the Habitats Directive and Biodiversity Action Plan in the seas around England and Scotland ENRR499 2002/04/01
  A littoral survey of Portland Harbour (Small Mouth Spit area 1994) ENRR146 1994/10/03
  Acoustic seabed survey techniques for monitoring Marine SACs: a trial of three systems ENRR411 2000/10/02
  Adopting an ecosystem approach for improved stewardship of the maritime environment: some overarching issues ENRR538 2003/01/01
  An experimental study on the impact of clam dredging of soft sediment macroinvertebrates ENRR013 1992/02/03
  An implementation framework for the conservation, protection and management of nationally important marine wildlife in the UK ENRR394 1998/10/01
  Broad scale biological mapping of Lundy MNR with reference to reefs ENRR231 1996/10/01
  Broad scale remote survey and mapping of sub-littoral habitats and biota of The Wash and the Lincolnshire and the North Norfolk coasts ENRR336 1998/10/01
  Broadscale mapping of Morecambe Bay ENRR232 1996/10/01
  Broadscale mapping of habitats and biota of the sublittoral seabed of The Wash: Final report of the 1996 Broadscale Mapping Project Survey ENRR238 1996/10/01
  Criteria for identifying the critical environmental capital of the maritime zone: a discussion paper ENRR136 1995/02/01
Developing English Nature’s Maritime Strategy – State of Nature one year on CORP151 2003/01/01
  Developing the concepts of good environmental status and marine ecosystem objectives: some important considerations ENRR689 2011/01/01
  Endocrine disrupters and European Marine Sites in England ENRR531 2003/01/01
England’s European marine sites CORP28 2006/01/01
  Financial values of five important marine/coastal wildlife areas in England ENRR182 1996/10/01
  Grey literature on the maritime environment: a select bibliography ENRR323 1999/07/01
Hidden Beneath the Tides – UK Marine Special Areas of Conservation IN72 2001/10/01
  Historical perspective and selective review of the literature on human impacts on the UK's marine environment ENRR391 2000/06/01
  Identification of marine habitats relevant to Special Areas of Conservation ENRR659 2005/01/01
  Inshore fisheries management in England and Wales: Facing up to the challenges of the 21st century ENRR448 2001/10/01
  Likely impacts of oil and gas activities on the marine environment ENRR145 1994/10/03
  Littoral & sublittoral biotope mapping and data capture exercise for the Essex Estuaries Candidate Marine Special Area of Conservation ENRR305 1998/10/01
  Lundy Marine Nature Reserve - sub littoral monitoring site assessment ENRR155 1994/10/03
  Lundy Marine Nature Reserve littoral monitoring report 5-9 October 1991 ENRR012 1992/02/03
  Lundy littoral survey 11-15 March 1996 ENRR183 1996/10/01
  Mapping the distribution of benthic biotopes around Flamborough head ENRR121 1992/10/01
  Mapping the distribution of benthic biotopes around Thanet coast ENRR154 1994/10/03
  Mapping the distribution of benthic biotopes around the Isle of Wight ENRR120 1993/10/01
  Mapping the distribution of benthic biotopes in Falmouth Bay and lower Fal Ruan Estuary ENRR119A 1993/10/01
  Marine Protected Areas a review of their use for delivering marine biodiversity benefits ENRR688 2006/01/01
  Marine conservation management. A pilot study on the north Northumberland coast ENRR092 1993/10/01
  Marine monitoring in the Isles of Scilly. 1991 ENRR009 1991/03/01
  Marine nature conservation in England - challenge and prospects (1992) ENS05 1993/01/01
  Maritime strategy web survey ENRR587 2004/01/01
  Nationally important marine seascapes, habitats and species ENRR392 2000/06/01
  Networks of Protected Areas in the Maritime Environment: A report for the Review of Marine Nature Conservation and the Marine Stewardship process on a stakeholder workshop held in London on 19 June 2003 ENRR537 2003/09/01
  North Norfolk Coast/Coast Habitat Management Plan 2003 G5472 2003/01/31
  Northey Island set-back scheme. Report 2: Aug 1991-Jan 1992 ENRR006 1992/02/03
Our coasts and seas - A 21st century agenda for their recovery CORP163 2004/01/01
Our coasts and seas - Making space for people, industry and wildlife CORP169 2005/01/01
  Posford-Duvivier Env Broad Scale Biological Mapping of Plymouth Sound and Estuaries ENRR208 1996/10/01
  Protection and management of nationally important Marine habitats and species ENRR390 2000/01/03
  Report on Lundy and the Isles of Scilly marine monitoring programme 1984-1991 ENRR010 1992/02/03
  Review of how the Land Use Planning System could Influence the Development of a Marine Spatial Planning System for England ENRR566 2003/01/01
  Review of the status of estuarine fishes ENRR034 1993/06/01
  Sabellaria spinulosa reef in The Wash and North Norfolk Coast cSAC and its approaches: Part I, mapping techniques and ecological assessment ENRR545 2004/01/01
  Sensitivity and vulnerability to man induced change of selected communities: Intertidal brown algal shrubs Zostera beds and Sabellaria spinulosa reefs ENRR234 1996/10/01
State of nature Maritime - getting onto an even keel CORP126 2002/01/01
State of nature Maritime - getting onto an even keel - summary CORP125 2002/01/01
  Strategic goals and objectives for marine nature conservation, and associated indicators ENRR482 2002/01/01
  Survey of the marine environment of north Northumberland: marine biotopes ENRR091 1993/10/01
The Eastern Channel Marine Natural Area CORP147 2004/01/01
The Ecosystem Approach - Coherent actions for marine and coastal environments CORP168 2004/01/01
The Irish Sea Marine Natural Area CORP150 2004/01/01
  The Lincolnshire and North Norfolk maritime area: A review of the past and present status of its species and habitats ENRR542 2003/01/01
The Mid North Sea Marine Natural Area. CORP145 2004/01/01
The South Western Peninsula Marine Natural Area. CORP148 2004/01/01
The Southern North Sea Marine Natural Area. CORP146 2004/01/01
The Western Approaches Marine Natural Area. CORP149 2004/01/01
  The development of remote sensing techniques for marine SAC monitoring ENRR552 2003/01/01
  The marine nature conservation importance of British coastal chalk cliff habitats ENRR032 1993/01/04
  The practical implementation of marine spatial planning - understanding and addressing cumulative effects ENRR599 2004/01/01
  The structure and functioning of marine ecosystems: an environmental protection and management perspective ENRR699 2006/08/01
  Trembling sea-mat (Victorella pavida): baseline distribution and species action plan ENRR225 1997/03/03
  Volunteer participation in marine surveys ENRR556 2003/10/01
What do our coasts and seas mean to you? CORP141 2003/01/01