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Pre Natural England and archived guidance

Archived guidance and guidance published by legacy bodies. Some of the records within this category can be viewed by their location.

Records for this category

Title Code Published
A Guide to the Management and Restoration of Coastal Vegetated Shingle MAR0503002 2003/05/01
A Space for Nature IN46 1996/01/01
A guide to developers - Rivers Kennet and Lambourn Sites of Special Scientific Interest CORPIN8.1 2014/01/22
  Accessible Natural Green Space Standards in Towns and Cities: A Review and Toolkit for their Implementation ENRR526 2003/01/01
  Chalk rivers: nature conservation and management EN-EA001 1999/01/04
Conservation of the Freshwater Pearl Mussel - 1. Captive Breeding Techniques IN127 2003/01/01
Conservation of the Freshwater Pearl Mussel 2. Relationship with Salmonids IN128 2003/01/01
  Deer management on National Nature Reserves: problems and practices ENRR173 1996/02/01
Desmoulins' whorl snail - a rare European snail IN65 2006/10/24
Developing River Conservation Strategies IN137 2007/06/12
Ecology of Desmoulin's Whorl Snail IN105 2003/01/01
Ecology of Watercourses Characterised by Ranunculion fluitantis and Callitricho-Batrachion V IN113 2007/06/19
Ecology of the Allis and Twaite Shad IN107 2003/01/01
Ecology of the Atlantic Salmon IN106 2003/01/01
Ecology of the Bullhead IN103 2003/01/01
Ecology of the European Otter IN111 2007/06/12
Ecology of the Floating Water-plantain IN110 2007/06/11
Ecology of the River Brook and Sea Lamprey IN104 2003/01/01
Ecology of the Southern Damselfly IN126 2007/06/19
Ecology of the White-Clawed Crayfish IN101 2003/01/01
Geological conservation: a guide to good practice ST118 2006/10/24
Geology and biodiversity - making the links IN146 2006/10/24
Golden Hoverfly - a rare british fly IN64 2006/10/24
Grazing management of lowland heathlands IN172 2006/10/24
Guidance on Developing Structural Operating Protocols STREAM03 2009/03/02
Horses, grasslands and nature conservation England IN52 2006/10/24
Identifying Lamprey: A Field Key for Sea, River and Brook Lamprey IN108 2003/01/01
Illustrated guide to grassland condition: Damp tussocky grassland for snipe IN141 2006/10/24
Illustrated guide to grassland condition: Neutral grassland for lapwing IN140 2006/10/24
Illustrated guide to grassland condition: Neutral grassland for plants and animals IN139 2006/10/24
Including landscape in road design, construction and mitigation CA217 2006/03/01
  Lowland Grassland Management Handbook (Second edition) GRASSLAND 2007/04/23
Management of bare ground IN54 2006/10/24
Managing landscapes for the greater horseshoe bat IN99 2006/10/24
Monitoring Desmoulin's Whorl Snail IN118 2007/06/12
Monitoring Ranunculion fluitantis and Callitricho-Batrachion Vegetation Communities IN114 2007/06/19
Monitoring the Allis and Thwaite Shad IN123 2007/06/12
Monitoring the Atlantic Salmon IN122 2003/01/01
Monitoring the Bullhead IN115 2007/06/12
Monitoring the Floating Water-plantain IN120 2007/06/12
Monitoring the Freshwater Pearl Mussel IN121 2003/01/01
Monitoring the Otter IN112 2007/06/12
Monitoring the River, Brook and Sea Lamprey IN119 2003/01/01
Monitoring the Southern Damselfly IN117 2007/06/19
Monitoring the White-Clawed Crayfish IN16 2003/01/01
Natural Areas in Yorkshire and Humber region IN313 2007/05/18
Natural Areas in the East Midlands Region IN314 2007/05/18
Natural Areas in the East of England IN316 2007/05/18
Natural Areas in the London and the South East Region IN317 2006/10/24
Natural Areas in the North East Region IN311 2006/10/24
Natural Areas in the North West IN312 2007/05/18
Natural Areas in the South West IN318 2007/05/18
Organising surveys to determine site quality for invertebrates IN180 2006/10/24
Otter Breeding Sites - Conservation and management IN129 2007/06/12
Peat bog conservation - the importance of lowland raised bogs IN77 2006/10/24
Phosphorus and river ecology - Tackling sewage inputs SC23 2000/01/01
  Planning for biodiversity – opportunity mapping and habitat networks in practice: a technical guide ENRR687 2006/05/01
  Practical Solutions Handbook 2nd edition EN-PSHV2 2002/01/07
  Protection and management of nationally important Marine habitats and species ENRR390 2000/01/03
Purple moor-grass and rush pastures IN142 2006/10/24
Reintroducing the White-clawed Crayfish IN109 2003/01/01
Sustainable grazing in the English uplands IN150 2006/10/24
The Environmental Impact Assessment (Agriculture) (England) (No.2) Regulations 2006 - Public Guidance NE311 2012/12/03
The Scrub Management Handbook: Guidance on the management of scrub on nature conservation sites IN124 2006/10/24
The hen harrier in England IN78 2006/10/24
The importance of livestock grazing for wildlife conservation IN170 2006/10/24
  The upland management handbook SC26 2001/02/01
  Veteran Trees: A guide to good management IN13 2000/02/01
Veteran Trees: A guide to risk and responsibility IN131 2000/01/01
Veteran Trees: the Future for Veteran Trees IN453 2006/10/24
Village Design CCP501 1996/01/02
Wind farm development and nature conservation WF1 2001/03/01
  Woodland management advice for Bechstein’s bat and barbastelle bat ENRR658 2005/10/21