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Environmental land management

Guidance on various environmental land management topics to help deliver scheme outcomes and other environmental benefits. Some of the records within this category can be viewed by their location.

Records for this category

Title Code Published
Agri-Environment Monitoring and Evaluation Programme Annual Report 2017/18 - A summary of findings from recently published projects NERR079 2019/08/01
Arable reversion and climate change: Humberhead Peatlands case study TIN109 2012/04/04
  Biological indicators of the dehydration and changes to East Anglian fens past and present ENRR020 1992/01/01
Bracken SIN011 2008/10/16
Bracken management: ecological, archaeological and landscape issues and priorities TIN047 2008/10/16
  Conference on Results Based Agri-environment Payment Schemes RBP001 2018/12/13
Developing a measure of High Nature Value Farmland (HNVF) for the Rural Development Programme for England NERR068 NERR068 2017/06/19
  Development of a veteran tree site assessment protocol ENRR628 2005/01/01
ELM guidance digital media research literature review and behavioural analysis NECR288 2020/06/10
Environmental impacts of land management NERR030 2009/09/22
  Farm conservation plan study. ENRR116 1994/05/02
Farming and climate change NE308 2011/03/24
Farming for cleaner water and healthier soil NE230 2010/01/04
Farming for farm wildlife NE231 2010/01/04
Farming in the uplands for cleaner water and healthier soil NE240 2010/05/13
Grazing your landscape NE55 2008/01/01
  Integrated farming and biodiversity ENRR634 2004/03/01
Monitoring the Impacts of Entry Level Stewardship NECR133 2013/12/13
NECR495 Edition 1 Review of Peak District Wildfire Risk Assessment 2022 NECR495 2024/02/14
NEER028 Edition 1 The Impacts of Vegetation Cutting on Peatlands and Heathlands NEER028 2023/11/16
  Practical Delivery of Farm Conservation Management in England ENRR393 2000/09/01
Re-introducing natural grazing: Natural England evidence EIN002 2014/07/10
  Review of the impacts of heather and grassland burning in the uplands on soils, hydrology and biodiversity ENRR550 2003/11/21
  Strategic control of non-native invasive aquatic plants ENRR686 2006/08/08
  The Drainage Channel Biodiversity Manual NE121 2008/09/29
The Environmental Impact Assessment (Agriculture) (England) (No.2) Regulations 2006 - Public Guidance NE311 2012/12/03
  The effectiveness of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for uncultivated land and semi-natural areas ENRR605 2004/09/23
  The effects of horse and cattle grazing on English species-rich grasslands ENRR210 1997/04/16
The historic environment and woodland management TIN001 2009/03/11
The impact of moorland grazing and stocking rates NEER006 2013/05/30
The nature of food: why good food doesn't have to cost the Earth NE200 2009/01/01
Traditional orchards: a summary TIN012 2010/10/19
Traditional orchards: site and tree selection TIN013 2010/10/19