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Managing, restoring and creating grassland

Information about grassland management, restoration and creation. Some of the records within this category can be viewed by their location.

Records for this category

Title Code Published
A survey of selected agri-environment grassland and heathland creation and restoration sites NECR107 2013/01/11
  BD1451: Diversification of grassland through the manipulation of plant-soil interactions and the identification of indicators of restorability RP00194 2016/01/14
  BD1459: Techniques to enhance the establishment and persistence of poor-performing species in grassland restoration RP00199 2016/01/14
  BD1460: Sustainable management systems for unimproved neutral grassland RP00200 2016/01/14
  Flowers in the grass: creating and managing grasslands with wild flowers 1992/09/03
Horses, grasslands and nature conservation England IN52 2006/10/24
  LM0444: Project to survey and assess Soil pH and nutrient status on sites of high botanical value (additional sites) RP02235 2017/10/12
  LM0447: Monitoring the establishment of legume and herb rich grassland swards in Environmental Stewardship RP02244 2016/01/14
  LM0450: Evaluating the relative importance of site and landscape characteristics and the effectiveness of restoring species-rich grassland through agri-environment schemes by sampling invertebrate communities RP01878 2016/01/14
  Lowland Grassland Management Handbook (Second edition) GRASSLAND 2007/04/23
Management of bare ground IN54 2006/10/24
  Seed sources for grassland restoration and re-creation in Environmental stewardship TIN038 2008/03/06
  Use of farmyard manure on semi-natural (meadow) grassland ENRR150 1996/02/01