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Species and monitoring

Records for this category

Title Code Published
NECR481 Edition 1 Seagrass in the Stour Orwell and Blackwater 2020-21 NECR481 2024/04/10
NECR503 eDNA monitoring of restoration effects on the River Severn (Phase II) Unlocking the Severn LIFE project NECR503 2024/03/05
NECR529 National Vegetation Survey of Quarry Hangers SSSI and Quarry Dean Meadows NECR529 2024/04/15
NECR548 Edition 1 Assessment of wild living populations on the River Exe and River Taw NECR548 2024/05/16
NECR559 Edition 1 Survey of wild living beaver populations in East Kent NECR559 2024/05/21