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Grassland monitoring and surveys

Surveys and monitoring of lowland grassland sites.

Records for this category

Title Code Published
A review of the National Vegetation Classification for the Calthion group of plant communities in England and Wales JP021 2017/04/18
  A review of the extent, conservation interest and management of lowland acid grassland in England ENRR259 1998/10/01
  Assessing whether created or restored grassland is a BAP Priority Habitat TIN110 2012/06/22
  BD5101: Improving effectiveness of grassland restoration and creation options: development of a methodology for setting indicators of success and assessing progress RP00421 2016/01/14
  LM0443: Resurvey of HLS Baseline for options HK6 and HK7: Species-Rich Grassland Maintenance/Restoration RP01551 2017/10/12
  Lowland grassland in Natural Areas: national assessment of significance ENRR171 1997/02/03
  Lowland grassland wildlife value and conservation status ENRR169 1996/02/01
  Lowland grassland: a strategic review and action plan ENRR163 1996/04/29
  Lowland wet grassland resource survey: Module 2 ENRR149 1996/01/05
Lugg Meadows Vegetation Study NECR071 2011/11/04
  Monitoring the condition of lowland grassland SSSIs: Pt 1 English Nature’s rapid assessment method ENRR315 2000/01/03
  National SSSI sample survey of lowland grasslands: pilot project ENRR130 1994/05/02
Recent losses of permanent grassland – an assessment of the evidence NERR060 2014/12/18
  Sampling framework for monitoring of grassland Biodiversity Action Plan targets ENRR388 2000/09/01
  South Somerset SSSIs a study of successive MG5 grassland ENRR266 1998/09/01
  The condition of lowland BAP priority grasslands. Results from a sample survey of non-statutory stands. ENRR636 2005/07/18
  The distribution of lowland wet grassland in England ENRR049 1993/01/04
The vegetation of the Severn/Avon Vale Floodplain Meadows NECR052 2010/09/16
  Validation Network Project Lowland calcareous grasslands: Bromus erectus (CG3) grassland ENRR609 2004/06/01