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Woodland, parkland and wood pasture management

Includes grazing as well as other information related to managing these habitats Some of the records within this category can be viewed by their location.

Records for this category

Title Code Published
  Ashdown Forest Grazing Action Plan ENRR602 2004/06/01
  Development of good practice guidelines for woodland management for bats ENRR661 2005/09/01
  Eco-hydrological guidelines for wet woodland – Phase I ENRR619 2005/07/27
Geomorphic and Ecohydrological Monitoring and Prioritisation Report NECR142 2014/03/07
Guidance on dealing with the changing distribution of tree species TIN053 2009/03/05
  Habitat restoration project: Sherwood Forest ENRR367 2000/09/01
Illustrated guide to trees, woodlands and scrub TIN078 2010/11/12
  Large herbivores in the wildwood and in modern naturalistic grazing systems ENRR648 2005/01/01
Latchmore Brook Restoration Options Appraisal NECR143 2014/03/07
New Forest SSSI Ecohydrological Survey Overview NECR141 2014/03/06
New Forest SSSI Geomorphological Survey Overview NECR140 2014/03/06
Summary of evidence: Wood-pasture and parkland EIN011 2015/03/10
  Sustainable forestry and nature conservation in England ENRR195 1996/02/01
  Sustainable forestry and nature conservation: Slow steps in the right direction? ENRR122 1994/02/01
  The ecological impact of sweet chestnut coppice silviculture on former ancient, broadleaved woodland sites in south-east England ENRR627 2005/02/08
The historic environment and woodland management TIN001 2009/03/11
  The use of Woodland Grant Schemes on SSSIs ENRR282 1999/01/04
  What might a British forest-landscape driven by large herbivores look like? ENRR530 2003/05/28
  Woodland management advice for Bechstein’s bat and barbastelle bat ENRR658 2005/10/21