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Woodland and dead and decaying wood species

Publications about species found in woodlands and on dead and decaying wood Some of the records within this category can be viewed by their location.

Records for this category

Title Code Published
  A review of the invertebrate interest of coarse woody debris in England ENRR513 2003/06/03
A review of the national importance and current condition of the saproxylic invertebrate assemblages at Birklands & Bilhaugh SSSIs, Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire NECR072 2011/07/05
  Conserving the red squirrel in Thetford Forest ENRR262 1998/02/23
  Dead wood matters: the ecology and conservation of saproxylic invertebrates in Britain: BES proceedings April 1992 ENS07 1992/05/01
  Developing tools for assessing fungal interest in habitats 1: beech woodland saprotrophs ENRR597 2004/11/22
  Development of good practice guidelines for woodland management for bats ENRR661 2005/09/01
Golden Hoverfly - a rare british fly IN64 2006/10/24
  Preliminary ecological investigation of four wood-inhabiting fungi of conservation concern - oak polypore Piptoporus quercinus (=Buglossoporus pulvinus) and the tooth fungi Hericium/Creolophus spp ENRR616 2005/04/19
  Revision of the Index of Ecological Continuity as used for saproxylic beetles ENRR574 2004/03/09
  Saproxylic Insect Survey of the Virginia Water and Bishopsgate areas of Windsor Park, 2002-2003 ENRR514 2003/06/09
  Saproxylic invertebrate survey, assessment and management recommendations of Calke Park, Derbyshire ENRR691 2006/09/01
  Status and woodland requirements of the dormouse in England ENRR166 1996/04/29
  The invertebrates of living and decaying timber in Britain & Ireland: A provisional annotated checklist ENRR467 2002/07/30
The status of the hazel pot beetle at Sherwood Forest National Nature Reserve NECR066 2011/02/23
  Woodland management advice for Bechstein’s bat and barbastelle bat ENRR658 2005/10/21