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Ancient woodlands

Records for this category

Title Code Published
A review of the revision of the Ancient Woodland Inventory in the South East NERR042 2011/08/04
  An ancient woodland bibliography ENRR042 1993/02/01
  Ancient Woodland Inventory: England (provisional) ENRR072 1994/07/01
  Ancient woodland inventory: database documentation ENRR131 1994/02/01
  Assessment and development of fuelwood uses for products from SSSI and ancient woodland conservation management at Wyre Forest, Worcestershire/Shropshire ENRR711 2006/08/01
  Capturing planning decisions that affect ancient woodland: A pilot study in South – East England ENRR536 2003/07/01
  Ecological responses to the 1987 Great Storm in the woods of south-east England: conference proceedings ENS23 1994/01/01
  The impacts of pesticide spray drift and fertiliser over-spread on the ground flora of ancient woodland ENRR614 2005/02/01
  The restoration of replanted ancient woodland ENRR269 1998/02/02
  The status and distribution of ancient woodland in Dorset - Part 1: Details of methods used in updating the status and distribution of Ancient Woodland ENRR558 2004/06/30
  The status and distribution of ancient woodland in Dorset - Part 2: An analysis of land use changes resulting in the loss of ancient woodland in Dorset (1988 to 2000) ENRR559 2004/06/30