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IPENS Theme Plans

Strategic plans which explain how we are going to deal with priority issues which affect multiple Natura 2000 sites

Records for this category

Title Code Published
Atmospheric nitrogen theme plan IPENSTP013 2015/05/20
Climate change theme plan IPENSTP014 2015/06/08
Coastal management theme plan IPENSTP019 2015/07/20
Diffuse water pollution theme plan IPENSTP015 2015/05/21
Grazing theme plan IPENSTP016 2015/07/22
Habitat fragmentation theme plan IPENSTP017 2015/06/10
Hydrological functioning theme plan IPENSTP018 2015/05/20
Invasive species theme plan IPENSTP020 2015/05/26
Lake restoration theme plan IPENSTP021 2015/05/20
Public access and disturbance theme plan IPENSTP022 2015/06/24
River restoration theme plan IPENSTP023 2015/05/20