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Countryside Agency Research Reports and Research Notes

Notes summarising Countryside Agency research as well as some commissioned reports Some of the records within this category can be viewed by their location.

Records for this category

Title Code Published
  A feasibility study on improving access for canoeing by voluntary agreement CRN79 2004/05/03
  An index of food relocalisation in England and Wales CRN84 2004/09/01
  Bringing the classroom to the countryside: evaluation of ‘Countryside Live’ events CRN97 2005/12/01
  CROW mapping and mapping appeals: lessons learnt report 2006/05/03
Capturing richness 2003/09/01
Common land: report of the Common Land Forum TP1681 1986/07/01
  Communicating with the public CRN1 1999/04/01
  Community participation and volunteering in rural transport projects CRN82 2004/09/01
  Countryside Quality Counts: Tracking change in the English countryside CRN85 2004/09/01
  Demand for outdoor recreation in the English National Parks CRN93 2005/03/01
  Design Initiatives in the countryside CRN2 1999/04/01
  Diversity Review evaluation framework and toolkit CRN90 2004/12/01
  Diversity review – options for implementation CRN75 2004/02/02
  Diversity review: policy and legislation for providers 2005/07/01
Drawing the boundaries: Mapping and consultation for new countryside access rights CA66 2002/08/01
  ES case study: Whittington Lodge Farm AE001 2012/12/19
Eat the view: Promoting sustainable local products CA112 2002/08/01
  Engaging and learning with the outdoors: a summary of the outdoor classroom in a rural context; action research project CRN98 2005/12/01
Future trends for outdoor recreation TP1680 2005/12/15
  Grants and incentives for managing and improving countryside access in England and Wales CRN59 2005/03/01
  Greenways: an initial evaluation CRN58 2003/02/03
  Growing in confidence: Understanding people's perceptions of urban fringe woodlands CCP457 1996/01/01
  Hedgerows: their socio-economic benefits - A study based in Devon CRN12 2001/05/01
  How people interact on off-road routes CRN32 2001/03/01
  How people interact on off-road routes: Phase II CRN69 2003/06/02
  Integrated Access demonstration projects – lessons learnt CRN91 2005/02/01
  Integrated farm appraisal CRN80 2004/10/01
  Land use change at the urban:rural fringe and in the wider countryside 2006/01/02
  Landscape Change in National Parks CCP359 1991/05/20
  Landscape Character Assessment Guidance for England and Scotland 2002/01/01
  Landscape Character Assessment topic papers 2002/10/01
Landscape Indicators for Strategic Environmental Assessments of Local Transport Plans – issues to consider 2005/07/08
  Landscape: beyond the view 2006/01/02
Local Access Forums: a review CRN101 2006/06/01
  Opening Green Doors 2006/05/11
Out in the country CA09 2007/11/29
Public rights of way: a review of provision by highway authorities CRN100 2006/05/01
Review and evaluation of heritage coasts in England 2006/04/01
Rights of way condition survey 2000 CRN43 2001/01/31
  Rural proofing the delivery chain CRN76 2004/06/01
The Treatment of Landscape, Biodiversity, Access & Recreation in Sixteen Provisional Local Transport Plans 2005/12/08
  The new definition of urban and rural areas of England and Wales CRN86 2004/09/01
  Tourism and sustainable land management knowledge assessment CRN57 2003/03/03
  Towards a Country Park Renaissance Full Report 2003/01/06
  Towards a country parks renaissance CRN35 2004/05/03
Tracking change in the English Landscape 1st assessment 1990-1998 2004/06/01
Understanding the psychology of walkers with dogs: new approaches to better management TP1682 2006/07/03
  Understanding tranquillity: The role of Participatory Appraisal consultation in defining and assessing a valuable resource CRN92 2005/03/01
  Using concept statements in a sensitive landscape CRN36 2003/10/01
  “What about us?”: Diversity Review evidence – part one Challenging perceptions: under-represented groups’ visitor needs CRN94 2005/07/01
  “What about us?”: Diversity Review evidence – part two Challenging perceptions: provider awareness of under-represented groups CRN95 2005/07/01