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IPENS evidence

Records for this category

Title Code Published
Alde-Ore Estuary Complex: National Vegetation Classification 2013 IPENS012 2015/07/15
Allis Shad Fish Passage Options Appraisal – Gunnislake Weir IPENS054 2015/05/21
An Investigation into the Nutrient Levels of Breckland Fluctuating Meres IPENS032 2016/04/05
Analysing change in moorland management in the North York Moors Special Protection Area IPENS066 2015/09/04
Berwickshire Intertidal Rocky Reefs IPENS031 2015/09/04
Border Mires 3 - Habitat mapping IPENS072 2017/02/14
Border mires 2 - mapping active ditches IPENS070 2017/02/14
Burning in the English Uplands - A Review, Reconciliation and Comparison of Results of Natural England’s Burn Monitoring: 2005 - 2014 IPENS055 2015/06/09
Case Studies for Delivering Ammonia Measures IPENS050 2015/05/21
Condition monitoring of saltmarsh features in The Wash and North Norfolk Coast SAC: Volume 2 - North Norfolk Coast IPENS026 2015/10/30
Condition monitoring of the saltmarsh feature of The Wash and the North Norfolk Coast SAC: Volume 1 - The Wash IPENS027 2015/10/30
Deben Estuary: National Vegetation Classification 2013 IPENS038 2015/07/16
Design of a vegetation monitoring scheme for the Border Mires IPENS060 2015/09/04
Distribution of selected non-native species within the intertidal zone of the North East Kent Marine Protected Areas IPENS035 2016/04/05
Drigg Coast Special Area of Conservation - Ravenglass Estuary Intertidal Survey IPENS021 2015/07/16
Fal and Helford SAC Maerl Drop-down Video and Dive Survey 2013 IPENS018 2016/04/05
Healthy Estuaries 2020: Towards Addressing Coastal Squeeze in Estuaries IPENS002 2016/04/05
Humber Estuary Clay Pits - Water Quality Briefing (2013 – 2014) IPENS009 2015/05/21
Improvement Programme for England's Natura 2000 Sites (IPENS): evidence gap log IPENS077 2015/07/30
Improvement Programme for England's Natura 2000 Sites (IPENS): summary of evidence projects IPENS075 2015/09/23
Investigating the Impacts of Marine Invasive Non-Native Species NECR223 2016/09/14
Lower Avon Valley Macrophyte Survey 2013 IPENS004 2015/05/21
Meeting local evidence needs to enable Natura 2000 Diffuse Water Pollution Plan Delivery IPENS008 2015/10/30
Predicting the mussel food requirements of oystercatchers in the Exe Estuary IPENS025 2015/05/21
Ribble Estuary SSSI / Ribble & Alt SPA Intertidal sediments condition monitoring IPENS022 2015/09/04
SAC Status reporting on Vertigo moulinsiana in England IPENS061 2015/06/09
Setting the standard for Natura 2000 Diffuse Water Pollution Plans IPENS001 2015/09/04
Site categorisation for nitrogen measures IPENS049 2015/10/30
Spartina anglica and its management in estuarine Natura 2000 sites: an update of its status and monitoring future change in England IPENS041 2016/04/05
Surface water catchment mapping for Natura 2000 Diffuse Water Pollution Plans IPENS067 2016/04/05
Understanding impacts of invasive non-native species on protected sites IPENS046 2015/05/21
Water Quality Catchment Assessment: Detailed SAGIS spreadsheets - technical note IPENS071 2016/04/05
Westleton Heath National Nature Reserve: National Vegetation Classification 2013 IPENS039 2015/07/16
White-clawed Crayfish (Austropotamobius pallipes) Survey of the River Dove between Hollinsclough and Beresford Dale, Peak District National Park IPENS058 2015/05/21
White-clawed crayfish survey for Ensor’s Pool SSSI/SAC (Warwickshire) IPENS065 2015/10/30