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Freshwater invertebrates

Records for this category

Title Code Published
A review of the Hemiptera of Great Britain: The Aquatic and Semi-aquatic Bugs NECR188 2015/11/20
A review of the status of the caddis flies (Trichoptera) of Great Britain NECR191 2016/03/11
  A study of the distribution and ecology of the lesser silver water-beetle on the Somerset Levels ENRR591 2004/05/19
Conservation of the Freshwater Pearl Mussel - 1. Captive Breeding Techniques IN127 2003/01/01
Conservation of the Freshwater Pearl Mussel 2. Relationship with Salmonids IN128 2003/01/01
Definition of Favourable Conservation Status for White-clawed crayfish RP2933 2020/04/14
Developing DNA applications within Natural England for freshwater mussels saline lagoon species and terrestrial invertebrates in 2017/18 NECR286 2020/05/21
Ecology of the Southern Damselfly IN126 2007/06/19
Ecology of the White-Clawed Crayfish IN101 2003/01/01
  Evaluation of the capacity of pheromones for control of invasive non-native crayfish ENRR578 2004/04/05
  Evaluation of the capacity of pheromones for control of invasive non-native crayfish: part 2 ENRR633 2005/03/17
Monitoring the Freshwater Pearl Mussel IN121 2003/01/01
Monitoring the Southern Damselfly IN117 2007/06/19
Monitoring the White-Clawed Crayfish IN16 2003/01/01
Reintroducing the White-clawed Crayfish IN109 2003/01/01
SAC Status reporting on Vertigo moulinsiana in England IPENS061 2015/06/09
The translocation of freshwater pearl mussels: a review of reasons, methods and success and a new protocol for England NECR229 2016/12/16
White-clawed Crayfish (Austropotamobius pallipes) Survey of the River Dove between Hollinsclough and Beresford Dale, Peak District National Park IPENS058 2015/05/21
White-clawed crayfish survey for Ensor’s Pool SSSI/SAC (Warwickshire) IPENS065 2015/10/30