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East Dartmoor Woods & Heaths NNR: Breeding birds of western upland oakwoods response to climate change (RP0888)

The ongoing research examines aspects of declining populations of migrant breeding birds, with specific focus on pied flycatcher and wood warbler of Dartmoor oakwoods. Key elements include:

i) For the first time in the UK, fitting of geolocaters to 20 male pied flycatchers to be recovered in 2013. This is a joint project between the NE, BTO, Exeter University, a European research group and Biotrack.

ii) Co-ordination of SW upland oak wood nest box schemes and records, and correlation with climatic data.

iii) Behavioural and food supply studies of wood warbler at East Dartmoor NNR.

Project details

Start date2012-04-01
End dateOngoing
Project spend£5,000.00


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