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Long Term Monitoring Network Weather Protocol (LTMN003)

Rising temperature is changing the timing of seasonal events and disrupting the interactions between species. It is also affecting rainfall patterns and is likely to lead to an increase in the frequency of extreme weather events. We have approximately 20 LTMN sites with an Automatic Weather Station (AWS) on site. An additional 8 sites have a representative weather station nearby and in the same climate envelop as the LTMN site. The weather stations allow us to record wind speed and direction, rain fall, air temperature, relative humidity, ground temperature and solar radiation. On sites where we are not collecting weather data we are investigating the accuracy and use of representative or modelled data.

We work in partnership with the Met Office for some of our sites and collect real time data polled hourly which can be found on the Met Office:Weather Observations Website.

The methodology for this protocol can be found on the ECN website.

This page is part of Natural England’s Long Term Monitoring Network. To find out about the sites within the LTMN network please see the individual Core sites data pages.

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