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A Population Viability Analysis Modelling Tool for Seabird Species (NECR274)

The aim of this project was to develop a PVA modelling framework, applicable to seabirds at a variety of scales, with a front-end, interactive web application user interface to allow users to set-up and run their own PVA models for seabird species without the need for access to specific software.

A key objective of the tool is to allow users the flexibility to explore population management-oriented objectives (e.g. assessment of impacts, evaluation of management options etc.), as well as being able to explicitly highlight the effects on model predictions of different assumptions about the model, data, species and populations concerned.

Please be advised that users should refer to the most recent guidance on the GitHub site prior to running the tool. The guidance in the appendices of Natural England commissioned report NECR274, originally published in July 2019, is now superseded and should no longer be used. The report has been updated to reflect this (April 2022) and the appendices removed. For the updated guidance please visit the Seabird_PVA_Tool documentation page on GitHub.

Downloads available for this record

File Uploaded
NECR274 Edition 1 (Version 2) A Population Viability Analysis Modelling Tool for Seabird Species, PDF, 939.7 kB 2022/04/07