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Pixton Park

Natural England is considering the designation of Pixton Park as a Site of Special Scientific Interest under Section 28 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. Surveys and analysis carried out to determine the special interest of this area and support determination of a site boundary are listed under ‘Related Access to Evidence records’ below.

Related Access to Evidence records

Pixton Park ancient and veteran tree assessment 2015 (NECR379)
Pixton Park Saprotrophic Fungi Assessment 2019 (NERR102)
Pixton Park Invertebrate Survey 2017 (NECR381)
National Vegetation Classification (NVC) Survey 2014: Pixton Park, near Dulverton, Somerset (NECR382)
Pixton Park Grassland National Vegetation Classification (NVC) Survey 2018 - 2019 (NERR101)
Lichen survey of Pixton Park, Exmoor Somerset 2017 (NECR383)
Pixton Park and woods lichen survey, 1987 (NECR380)
Lichen survey of Pixton Park Surrounds and the attempted transplantation of Fuscopannaria mediterranea 2018 (NECR384)