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Definition of Favourable Conservation Status for Harbour Porpoise (RP2954)

This document sets out Natural England’s view on Favourable Conservation Status (FCS) for harbour porpoise in England. FCS is defined in terms of three parameters: natural range and distribution; population; extent and quality of habitat necessary for long-term maintenance of populations.
Section 2 provides the summary definition of FCS in England. Section 3 covers contextual information, section 4 the metrics used and section 5 describes the evidence considered when defining FCS for each of the three parameters. Section 6 sets out the conclusions on favourable values for each of the three parameters and Section 7 provides checks for species listed within the Nature Directives. Annex 1 lists the references.
This document does not include any action planning, or describe actions, to achieve or maintain FCS. These will be presented separately, for example within strategy documents.
The guidance document Defining Favourable Conservation Status in England describes the Natural England approach to defining FCS and is due to be published soon.

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RP2954 - Edition 1: Definition of Favourable Conservation Status for Harbour Porpoise, PDF, 778.7 kB 2021/02/18