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Stiperstones NNR: The Lichen Communities of The Stiperstones NNR and The Hollies, Changes in diversity over the past 19 years and the implications of Nitrogen Hypertrophication 2009 (RP0663)

The lichen flora of the site has been surveyed by a number of very eminent lichenologists over the years, and has been the venue for two field meetings of The British Lichen Society. A secondary aim of the survey was to determine if hypertrophication attributable to nutrient enrichment is indicated by the presence of lichen nitrophytes.

The diversity of the lichens across the site has dramatically increased, when compared with the survey by Gosling in 1990.

Project details

Start date2009-10-01
End date2009-10-30

Closing statement

This report has been catalogued as part of the NNR Record Project.

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Stiperstones NNR lichen survey 2009, PDF, 932.7 kB 2015/07/15


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