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Connection to Nature (EIN068)

This briefing focuses on the evidence for connection to nature and is one of a series that summarises evidence of the links between the natural environment and a range of outcomes. They are based on rapid reviews, not systematic reviews. Please refer to the Methodology (EIN069) document for further details on the method and search strategy.

The notes are aimed at: policy makers, practitioners, practice enablers (including Natural England), local decision makers, and the wider research community. They highlight some of the implications for future policy, service delivery and research. It is intended that this note will help to inform practitioner planning, targeting and rationales, but not the identification of solutions or the design of interventions. Barriers to access or use of natural environments are not considered in this note. The notes consider evidence of specific relevance to the UK and outcomes for both adults and children.

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EIN068 Edition 1 Connection to nature, PDF, 635.8 kB 2022/11/03

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