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Survey of hairy wood ant nests - The Stiperstones NNR 2009 (RP1014)

Survey of hairy wood ants Formica lugubris in the Resting Hill and Crowsnest dingle part of the Stiperstones National Nature Reserve NNR. This former BAP species is on the eastern and southern edge of its range on the reserve. This survey aimed to count all of the nests, describing their size along with surrounding vegetation, physical characters of the site and woodland make up surrounding each nest. This work was to inform the management of the woodland which is predominantely sessile oak, some of which is coppiced and some grazed.

Project details

Start date2009-08-01
End date2010-03-31

Closing statement

The report can be made available on request.


This record relates to the location identified by the marker on the map:

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