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Biodiversity Net Gain - Summary of Intertidal Differences (JP056)

BNG will become mandatory for TCPA developments from February 12th 2024, as part of the government’s Environment Act 2021.

Developers will need to deliver a minimum 10% biodiversity net gain. This means they must provide 110% of the biodiversity value found on the site prior to development.
BNG can be delivered either fully or in part via on-site habitat, off-site habitat, or as a last resort, through the purchase of statutory biodiversity credits. Created and enhanced habitat will be legally secured for a minimum of 30 years.

The Statutory Biodiversity Metric Calculation Tool (Metric) uses habitat as a proxy for calculating biodiversity. The Metric is used differently on intertidal habitats compared to its use on other terrestrial habitats. It is important that decision makers and those involved in projects in the intertidal zone are aware of these differences.

The document below supports the understanding and delivery of BNG. For the most up-to-date Government guidance, please visit Biodiversity net gain.

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BNG Summary of Intertidal Differences, PDF, 271.7 kB 2024/02/02