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East Dartmoor Woods and Heaths NNR; Yarner Wood NNR: The long term influence of woodland management on occupancy, fecundity and productivity of hole-nesting birds at Yarner Wood 1955-2008 (RP2633)

This study investigated the influence of woodland management at Yarner Wood on hole-nesting birds, using archived data from 1955-2008. Statistical analyses were only possible for the redstart, pied flycatcher, blue tit and great tit. Results suggested that management had had little effect on these species, and that climatic changes had a much greater influence on nesting and breeding success. Future recommendations include continued monitoring of nest boxes at Yarner Wood and the further collation of archived nest box data for other parts of the NNR. A related paper is published in Forest and Ecology Management 330 (2014) 205-217.

Project details

Start date2008-10-01
End date2009-01-31

Closing statement

This project adds to the growing body of data on bird species in Yarner Wood NNR.


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